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Container loading system provides to load the bulk matearials in to the 20-40ft containers. While this innovative system improving the efficiency of loading operation and safety, at the same time It provides the realization of the desired maximum tonnage through the loadcells where on the machine. 20-40ft conrtainers loaded in an upright position 90 degrees is provide possibility to use  %100 of the container. Therefore companies can economy about consingment. Containers can be loaded directly via crane or reach sacker. After loading and take the necessary security measures the container getting upright position to 90 degrees. The products transport to the container that is waiting for the loading via conveyor system and telescopic chut. The filling can be made desired tonnage through the loadcells where on the machine.

- Sliding Pneumatic and Manuel Sliding Flap:

Over-all this system can be used for the flow rate, flow control and compeletly stoped of the powder materials in silo, tank and that kind of closed areas. Container filling system has steel construction body also designed for midium and heavy industry and therefore it is usefull for many industrial sectors. There is a flap to feed the conveyor that is on the out of the conveyor.

- Conveyor

They are used continuous transport vehicle for transporting variaus loads and materials. The transporting of goods to the telescopic chut provides by conveyor loading system. Capacity of conveyor is 200t/h. Rolls of the 30 degree V-type conveyors are bearing and dust-proof property. Rubber coated drive drum of the conveyor and also antistatic oil-resistant and non-flammble.

- Telescopic Chut

The transporting process of the product is made by telescopi chut from conveyor exit in to the liner bag that has been spread in the container. Telescopic chut can gp down to 2m above from base of the container to prevent product falls from hights, dust emission and damage to inner liner bag. Telescopic chut rises automatically during product fills.

- Maintanence and Opreator Platforms:

Manintanence and operator platforms are made accordance to the occupational health and safety regulations. Also these platforms had been designed to reach easily to the pneumatic and manuel valves, conveyors, container and telescopic filling chuts.

- 90 Degrees Container Lifting Platform:

Container lifting platform is a machine that makes the process of making 90 degrees upright position  of the 20ft container. Before the filling process laids the inner liner bag in to container. Container can be fill with +,- 75kg sensivity through the located loadcells on the container. Red warning light flashing when any cargo loaded on the container platform. The red warning light continue flashing until docking the locks of the container that is placed to platform. After the docking process the green light illuminates permanently when the container platform to reach 90 degrees upright then cover of the container opened automatically.

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